Cruccùris Resort Villasimius

Your most intimate idea of vacation

The only one Borgo Hotel in Villasimius is ready to welcome you: make a reservation at Cruccùris Resort

The Central block and the three “Borghi” are absorbed by two hectares of greenery. This is where you are going to find your peaceful shelter, in one of the most beautiful spots on the Southern coast.

Forget about the frenzy of your everyday life and all the mass tourism noises. Just let yourself enjoy a more intimate setting, where the only things that really matter are your desires, at your own pace. It’s all about you, all of you.

an area of the garden

The ideal place

The Cruccùris Resort in Villasimius has a very clever location, halfway between all comforts and the stillness of the nature.

The Resort offers some great views over the coast and you will be only 800 meters away from Campus beach. The hilly landscape allows you to have even more privacy – the Resort itself is located at the foot of a hill, not far from a residential area by the beach. It’s absorbed by the Mediterranean scrub and quiet… but also so close to the coast. So, you are bound to have a lot of privacy and calmness without giving up on the ease of staying just a few minutes away from the bay.

space garden

The Areas

The Cruccùris Resort is the only Borgo Hotel in Villasimius. It consists of four neighbourhoods, surrounded by a flourishing garden with over 200 plants, coloured flowers and Mediterranean scents.

Everything is very cosy, and spaces are meant to give every single guest his own privacy.

The Main Block has the common areas, the Reception and the Suites. Then, set in the middle of greenery, there are 3 residential areas – our Borghi. Here you can reach the “Dimore” of Cruccuris by a few short paths.

Navigate your way through the resort, here are the names of the three borghi:

  • Borgo Luna
  • Borgo Giunco
  • Borgo Sa Ruxi
swimming pool

The Services

The Cruccuris Resort in Villasimius has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing and comforting stay. Two tropical pools, a few solarium areas to relax in the garden, four restaurants and all the services that a 4-stars hotel requires. The staff, who is always very helpful and discreet, is going to grant these services with kindness and professionalism. Furthermore, the hotel is packed with many real pieces of art. In the common areas you can admire some fascinating pieces of local handcraft which are on sale. By buying them you could bring a part of Cruccuris to your own home.



The Experiences

You can rely on Cruccuris to enjoy your vacation to the fullest – make a reservation for one of the experiences that our Resort offers. A special aperitif at the hotel, a little bit of sport, the hikes and the boat trips fill your heart with joy and make your mind lighter.