You will wake up in the morning in a room surrounded by greenery, after a night of full rest.

The sun knocks at your window, a whole day of holiday awaits you with its several possibilities.

Around here, beaches are white and beautiful and the nature is cozy and genuine.

A day of relaxation by the pool, a dip into the sea or venturing to know the territory of Villasimius?


The wind in your hair, the sun kissing your skin, the scent of the sea all around: in summer, you can't miss the experience of a boat tour in the Marine Protected Area.

Daily or half-day excursions depart from the tourist harbour of Villasimius, aboard splendid sailboats or motor boats: just look down to see the fish swimming in the crystal clear water, and look up to watch the seagulls flying.

Depending on the excursion you choose, you can have lunch on board, swim and if you like, disembark at the Isola dei Cavoli, off Capo Carbonara.

Renting an inflatable boat, you can choose your own tour and discover even the most hidden coves of this beautiful coastline.


With such a scenario, any outdoor activity cannot but be a magical experience.

For example, why not hire a bike? You don't have to be a professional!

Campus Beach is only 900m far away, and Villasimius city centre is only 4 km away; you can get to know the surroundings and visit the area in close contact with nature, away from the crowds, with a mountain bike, city bike or e-bike.

Or you can choose to walk along the paths through the Mediterranean maquis, caressed by the sea breeze.

On foot, for example, you can try the route from Porto Giunco to the Porto Giunco Tower, an exceptional panoramic viewpoint from which to admire the spectacle of the 'three seas': from Cala Giunco to the Notteri pond and the Bay of Campulongu on the horizon.

Carrying on, you can visit Cava Usai with its granite boulders and the belvedere upon the Isola dei Cavoli, or even go as far as Cala Burroni, the extreme point of Capo Carbonara, unknown to most people.


What could be better than diving and swimming among fishes and underwater wonders that the waters of Villasimius have to offer?

You will experience the thrill of scuba diving departing from the Tourist Harbour, and enjoy the sight of the Marine Protected Area with its exceptional concentration of flora and fauna.

And if you want to explore the underwater world but are not familiar with diving, you can enjoy a guided snorkelling excursion, also suitable for children.

Tomorrow, instead, you could try the 18-hole course at Tanka Golf Villasimius, just 4 km from the resort: spending a day on the green lawn of the course and being enchanted by the spectacular view of the east coast of Capo Carbonara.

You could also play a Tennis match close to the beach in Stella Maris Tennis field, at the same distance from Cruccuris.


South Sardinia is not only famous for the sea: you will collect unforgettable memories of your holidays by taking part in trips or excursions by land to discover its wonders.

The extraordinary experience of a horse riding through Villasimius coastline, at the sunset lights, inebriated by the colours and scents of the Mediterranean.

An unexpected trip on a quad bike or off-road vehicle, to experience the coasts, the hinterland and the coastal towers in an original and adventurous way, crossing sun-drenched beaches and unpaved paths.

And again, discover new horizons with a tour to explore the city of Cagliari or other places in South Sardinia, such as Barumini with its unique nuragic city, or the unspoilt mountains of the Sette Fratelli, accompanied by an expert guide, if you wish.